Why You Need a Photo Booth At Your Next Event!

If there is one thing that is universally loved by everyone, it would have to be parties. It doesn’t really matter if you’re hosting the party or attending the party; either way a party is something people look forward to with happiness and pleasure. The only thing that could put a slight damper on parties is really just how many parties everyone has each year. Year after year so many of the same events: birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more. Everyone wants to have the best party with original ideas. Unfortunately, original ideas are not that easy to come by with so many of the same events happening every year and constantly being posted on social media. However, maybe the best idea for new times is trying something from older days in one of the best forms of useful entertainment called a photo booth.

The Memories:

Though cell phones do allow people to record a memory of any event at any time, they don’t really offer a good keepsake of the memory. Most people probably don’t realize this, but for one thing, cell phones offer a little too much when it comes to taking photos. Often times, people end up taking too many photos that are just going to get buried under all the photos taking at the next big event or outing. Not to mention, people rarely print digital photos. Our saskatoon photo booths offer people a chance to have both digital photos and instantly printed photos that are truly a physical memento of a special day. The pictures taken in that cozy little booth can end up on refrigerators, tacked onto boards and walls at the office, or even in a frame on top of a desk. They are truly a keepsake you can’t get anywhere else.

The Spice:

Photos booths offer a way to really liven up any event! They allow your guest to not only see and enjoy the entertainment, but actually become a part of the entertainment. First of all, photo booths offer an original way to break the ice and get people to talk. Something about these old things just brings laughter, smiles, and pure joy. It makes people feel comfortable enough to start loosening up and really begin to take part in all of the event’s festivities. It’s all fun and silliness as plenty of people try to squeeze in photos together, and when those photos are printed a second later there is more silliness and laughter. Photo booths are equivalent to giving guests a personal party favor to take home and treasure forever.

The Extras:

The photo booths at saskatoon offer so many cool extras to make the whole experience inside the picture booth even more fun! First, there are the usual wacky props like over-sized glasses, feathers, necklaces, and fake mustaches that put everyone into a festive mood! Then, we also offer ways to add words or graphics to photos which only adds to the fun memories. The best part of all is that event photo booths allow for automatic sharing to social media which offers the chance for even more friends and family to join in the fun online!

The Simplicity:

Photo booth rentals are one of the easiest rental situations there are. These rentals have a wide range and variety of prices and come with props and attendants. The booths were made to be easy and portable. That means each of the picture rentals come in small units that will be put together by our on-site attendant. This attendant sets everything up with the booth and then stays around for the entire event for any possible maintenance or help needed. However, maintenance or help is unlikely because the touch screen picture process inside the booth is very easy to understand. Everyone that enters the booth can take unlimited photos that print extremely fast.

Before every smart phone had a wonderful camera and social media became the number one spot for every type of picture, photo booths offered a very cool way of taking fun pictures with friends. Photo booths usually were only seen at places like malls or amusements parks and consisted of a seat in front of a camera that had curtains around it for privacy. Photo booths were meant to give a nice reminder of a fun day for people. Back then, they always added a bit of excitement and fun to anyone’s day just because no one could instantly whip out their cell phone and take a picture back then. All these years later, amazingly enough, photo booths still bring out an extra sense of pleasure and excitement. Though the reasons are different, the fascination is still the same. Something about taking photos in a private little booth is just… special.

Best Events for Photo Booths

One of the best things about picture booths is how easily they fit into practically any event. They actually don’t just fit in, they truly make every event better, including:

  • Birthday parties for adults and children alike are made better with a booth.
  • Photo booths add a sentimental touch to wedding ceremonies and receptions.
  • Photo booths are a great way to commemorate a Bar mitzvah.
  • Photo booths are perfect for anniversary parties of any sort.
  • A booth helps family or friends come together at reunions.
  • Any company will be the talk of the town to add photo booths to cooperate parties and gatherings.
  • A booth makes Christmas parties even more festive.
  • A booth also helps spread the love on Valentine’s day.
  • Bring in the New Year with a party like no other thanks to renting a picture booth.
  • Halloween is already a time for excitement and fun with all the costumes, so a booth is just a unique way to make the day even more enjoyable for kids and adults.
  • Photo booths would bring so much pleasure and joy to baby showers everywhere.
  • A booth would bring smiles and extra sentiment to retirement parties.
  • Send off your family and friends with a going-away party worth remembering thanks to a booth.
  • Any simple outdoor picnic or indoor party will instantly become unique, special, and fun with the instant pictures provided by a booth rental.

Photo booths are clearly timeless, something that brings fun and joy to those young and old in any time or any place. There is just something special about having a printed picture to have and hold in these digital times. Those little strips are fun, silly and happy keepsakes that show the true essence of friends and family having good, pleasurable times together.